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Terrorists that don't fit the mold !

Sarin gas from Syrian stockpiles! Dirty bomb!

Innocents gathered at a revered sporting event unaware of impending disaster!


Today's headlines? Yes. But also the heart of James Macomber's fourth novel "Sovereign Order" where, once again, Macomber has written about events in the world before they even occur.

The sublimely evil villain is Rashid al-Nassef, long thought dead but actually living under Iranian protection, After several years of chafing in his “velvet prison” he receives the go-ahead to launch what will be the most destructive and horrific terrorist attack in history.

The assault is multi-leveled in both its substance and in its actors. The “martyrs” who will execute the plan come from many places; a Bosnian youth designated by al-Nassef to set off the first in a series of assaults, the young Belgian woman whose fanaticism as a Christian leads her to seek the love of Mohammed, the tyrannical and abusive Albanian Muslim and his wife and child who will effect the diversionary explosion on the day of the race, the Scots lawyer seduced into Islam as a youth, and finally, al-Nassef himself who will unleash the final act of horror - a multi-layered attack on the Monaco Grand Prix intended to kill tens of thousand immediately and leave an entire nation unlivable for decades to come.

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Thriller 3: Love is Murder


Thriller 3: Love is Murder is the third Thriller Anthology written exclusively by members of International Thriller Writers, Inc. Edited by New York Times Best-selling author Sandra Brown.

As the title suggests, Thriller 3: Love is Murder features short stories with a romantic twist by top thriller writers such as Allison Brennan, Lee Child, Heather Graham, Sherilynn Kenyon and others including "Execution Dock" by James Macomber.

Still to come:

"Justice Delayed..." - - John and Katherine travel to a Scottish Highlands wedding and find themselves in the midst of a firestorm involving decades old terror, class warfare, old wounds, personal and national, and even a touch of Scottish politics.







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