What They’re Saying

“A Grave Breach”

--A very impressive novel from an author with the right stuff to challenge Turow, Grisham, and the other top guns of the genre. "A Grave Breach" works on two levels: as a taut legal thriller about a lawyer balancing his personal beliefs with the search for justice, and as an insightful exploration of the way right and wrong can be, in certain circumstances, very slippery concepts. Macomber is clearly a talented writer and John Cann is a strong, multilayered protagonist with the star power to keep this series going for a long time. BookList/American Library Association

--Grisham and Clancy fans, add Macomber to your list! “A Grave Breach” delivers a brilliant combination of shrewd legal moves, the terrifying international underworld, the real-life crisis in the Balkans, and a movie-worthy plot for a story that will have you spinning. Bookmuse.com

--A skillful interweaving of past and present makes “A Grave Breach” an intriguing must-read. The book, which delves into the Serbian conflict and war crimes, makes you question who you would become during war and grateful for the security and safety of your life. Beautiful writing on some very disturbing topics." Fresh Fiction.com

--I was privileged to read --and eventually to know--the late great Ross thomas, the novelist who rightly enjoyed the nickname 'master of crime in the suites.' A Grave Breach wonderfully returns us to Thomas territory. The 'lawyers' at Loring, Matsen & Gould are technically attorneys but more accurately secret agents, and their story is spun beautifully from James Macomber's literary loom. A hard-boiled thriller that becomes more credible--and inevitable with the turning of every page. Jeremiah Healy, author of Turnabout and Invasion of Privacy.

--This international thriller superbly explores the nature of decisions and memories. Lima Ohio News

--This thriller is fast-paced, and the characters are extremely well developed. Historically accurate, the action leaps off the pages. The ending is as well crafted as the rest of this brilliant book. Simegen.com

-- Past and present collide with morals and principles as the protagonaists in “A Grave Breach” are drawn further into an elaborate trap in a nicely crafted suspense story. Concise dialog helps sustain a brisk pace while hints of budding love interest counter the sometimes brutal action that wraps up with a surprisingly sweet ending. Mystery Book Reviews

--Grisham and Turow move over; there's a new legal thriller writer on the scene. James Macomber's A Grave Breach has the right mix of America's legal system against the backdrop of an international incident that threatens to spin out of control. First rate! David Hagberg (Sean Flannery), Best selling author of Allah's Scorpion, Assassin, White House, Joshua's Hammer and many more.

-- A complex legal thriller that spans time and place. Add the intrigue of World War II, war crimes between the Serbs and Bosnians and current terrorist threats and you have masterful suspense. Macomber shows real creative talent in his management of vivid and complex characters and his stories are rich and suspenseful. Crime and Suspense.com

--If fast-paced factual-based thrillers, international law, political intrigue, and/or historical conflict fiction is your genre, you will enjoy this book. Macomber has done an exceptional job of bringing the inhumanity-wracked, terrorist-ridden world to reality and close to home. This author is well-worth being on your “to-read list. Front Page Reviews

--An excellent suspense novel that definitely will leave you wanting to read more of Macomber’s work. Armchair Interviews